No matter how sparkly the website, no matter how smooth the words are, print media has yet to meet it's match.

You'll never need to update a software driver to read a business card, you won't have to worry about OS conflicts to read a pamphlet and you surely won't have to about not getting a strong enough Wi-Fi connection to show of your company's newest branding. Unless we run out of trees and ink, we'll always have print (and literacy), so discover more about this beautiful art form.
Printing is a process for reproducing text and image, typically with ink on paper using a printing press. It is often carried out as a large-scale industrial process, and is an essential part of publishing and transaction printing.

Across the world, over 45 trillion pages (2005 figure) are printed annually.

Print has given a broader range of readers access to knowledge and enabled generations to build on the intellectual achievements of earlier ones.

Print, according to Acton in his lecture On the Study of History (1895), gave "assurance that the work of the Renaissance would last, that what was written would be accessible to all, that such an occultation of knowledge and ideas as had depressed the Middle Ages would never recur, that not an idea would be lost".

Print was instrumental in changing the nature of reading within society.

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The GTA Am Tour is a huge yearly event bringing not only many players, but Industry professionals together. Each Player receives numerous promo materials, and a catalogue is generated to help guide them through each sponsor and it's products. This is a sample of two of the quick turn around placement ads that were made for this catalogue.
*developed under contract to G&G Golf
One of the newest product lines needed to make a splash on the scene. This successful email blast and print campaign, while still ongoing, began as a simple representation of hydration.
*developed under contract to G&G Golf
G&G Golf utilizes an awesomely large scale header banner for their site. Dynamic compositions are possible and can be combined with stunning visuals. Extra room to breath can be really enjoyable sometimes.
*developed under contract to G&G Golf
G&G wanted to create a unique souvenir for their annual Company/Client holiday getaway. A bold print of white and silver foil on red made a lasting and positive impression on their guests.
*developed under contract to G&G Golf
Direct Sports required a less 'corprate' solution for a mailing flyer. They desired a look a bit more reflective of their products. This piece was both printed and emailed.
*developed under contract to Direct Sports
Utherverse required a rebrand. The previous designs had been in use for many years and were beginning to show their age. Shown are examples (many using images generated by the actual software) of headers, promo cards, biz cards and convention banners that made their public image fresh and up-to-date.
*developed under contract to Utherverse Digital
In conjunction with developing new branding for Utherverse was the revamping of their major corporate and subsidiary logos. With each example is a before and after.
*developed under contract to Utherverse Digital
Utherverse's Social networking software client requires various signage for virtual stores, clubs and businesses. Shown here are a few samples of location signage that would be created with alpha for use over in-world textures.
*developed under contract to Utherverse Digital
Virtual Vancouver hosts a twice yearly art show that is presented simultaneously at a local Yaletown venue and in an in-world 3D reproduction. Visitors then have the option of visiting and bidding in person or via electronic avatar. This was an online promo piece.
*developed under contract to Utherverse Digital