Every business has a different product. Every product appeals to different customers. Every person or customer is unique. Why should your website be the same as all the others? Step out of the mould, dare to take that leap, make sure your website reflects who you are and what you do. Washline Design doesn't just concern itself with creating a technically functional site, but a site that is relatable to your intended visitors... and style never hurts either. Contact us and we can bring your vision to life.
Internet - a vast computer network linking smaller computer networks worldwide. The Internet includes commercial, educational, governmental, and other networks, all of which use the same set of communications protocols.

Website - A set of inter-connected webpages, usually including a homepage, generally located on the same server, and prepared and maintained as a collection of information by a person, group, or organization.

Designer - A person (me) who devises or executes designs, especially one who creates forms, structures, and patterns, as for works of art or machines.

Branding - to give a product a distinctive identity by means of characteristic packaging, design, etc.

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Yup, self referencing the site you are already looking at. has been rebuilt to be better, faster and stronger. All CSS, no tables, transparent .png overlays that operate in all browsers and easy to edit.
A reputable insurance jeweller was looking for a dynamic web site to showcase their history and services. Flash elements were created to add to the welcoming feel.
*developed under contract to KIMBODesign
A rapid-fire campaign needed a quick, up-to-date and vibrant online presence to help promote its youth oriented sign-up drive.
*developed under contract to KIMBODesign